Stategic Asset Liquidation.

Strategic Asset Liquidation (SAL) provides lender clients an exceptional process to liquidate repossessions, lease returns and fleet liquidation units at much higher asset recovery values.  Utilizing appropriate planning, preparation and execution techniques, allows our clients the ability to maximize their asset liquidation values.

Our staff members have over twenty (20) years of wholesale vehicle liquidation expertise along with over five (5) years of properly liquidating vehicle assets for lender clients.  This experience allows our staff to select (or refer) the proper recovery yard and choose the best auction to liquidate our client’s vehicle assets.  Proper auctions, within different market regions, are selected based on historical sales data experienced by Strategic Asset Liquidation and managed utilizing our proprietary database management system.  Appropriate vehicle preparation, in order to maximize liquidation values, is determined using projected sale values with no reconditioning and projected values after reconditioning is completed.  This data is generated within SAL’s database management system and shared with our lender clients. The final results have provided lender client’s consistently higher returns in rapid fashion.

Whether your organization requires total process management from recovery to liquidation or you require just our liquidation expertise, your results will be amazing.  Contact us today!


Strategic Planning, Preparation and Execution Brings MAXIMUM RESULTS

The combination of planning, preparation and execution results in higher asset recovery values for Strategic Asset Liquidation’s clients. Contact us today to see how Strategic Asset Liquidation can deliver increased values for your recovered vehicle assets, accomplishing the task rapidly and with much greater efficiency.

Strategic Liquidation Services

We offer the most comprehensive set of services to help you with your business.

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Skip Tracing

This service is designed to leverage in-depth investigative research to identify the location of the lender’s customers and collateral that has become “hard to find”.


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This service is designed to get your asset back with least amount of stress SAL’s seamless recovery process adds value, reduces costs and effectively manages risk.


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SAL Client Portal

This system is custom our servicing offering and our system manages skip-trace assignments, repossession assignments, liquidation procedures and reporting data.


Why We Are Your Best Choice


From the start, our liquidation strategy at Strategic Asset Liquidation has been built on properly planning, preparing and executing all phases associated with strategic asset liquidation. Our proprietary database management system, developed by technology experts, allows our staff to carefully direct and manage the entire process from start to finish. In addition, our system provides documentation needed by our clients to satisfy FTC requirements outlined for vehicle repossession liquidation.


You are probably aware by now that we have eliminated the use of the words “remarketing” and “remarket” in explaining how we liquidate (market) lender assets. We consider our technique and results (and so do our clients), at a much higher level than today’s remarketing companies that have dominated the industry…until Strategic Asset Liquidation arrived on the scene! Our wholesale marketing expertise and intelligent approach, combined with our utilization of proper technology, puts our liquidation strategy at a much higher proficiency level than any remarketing company in today’s market. The final results for our lender clients have proven to them that Strategic Asset Liquidation is their best option to optimize their asset’s values.


Selecting appropriate liquidation venues and utilizing intelligent vehicle preparation expertise will help elevate asset values for our clients and accomplish those results in rapid fashion. Our stated goal is relatively simple…
Provide Strategic Asset Liquidation to Generate Maximum Results.

Contact us today to put our asset liquidation expertise in motion to elevate your company’s vehicle asset recovery values. The results will convince you that Strategic Asset Liquidation is your best liquidation partner going forward.

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