Proprietary Client Portal & Interactive Database

When Strategic Asset Liquidation was created, our organization reviewed available data management software, used by most re-marketing/liquidation competitors, and decided to custom build a proprietary technology to offer our clients the most efficient asset liquidation management system.

Utilizing SAL’s technology, our clients are able to simply submit skip tracing, repossession and liquidation assignments via SAL’s unique online portal. After assignments are submitted, clients can easily access follow-up data associated with their assignments ,such as: Asset In-Process Reports; Auction Floor Price Reports;  Asset Sold/Funding Reports; and more. In addition, SAL’s technology generates multiple documents to help complete the entire liquidation process efficiently and protect lender clients with documentation required to satisfy legal requirements associated with appropriately liquidating assets.

Our system manages skip-trace assignments, repossession assignments, liquidation procedures and reporting data. Within the database, SAL rates repossession companies based on quality representation, reasonable pricing and rapid resolutions to assigned repossessions. SAL utilizes this data to assign repossessions for our lender clients or to refer repossession organizations to our clients. Auction liquidation management is a priority in order to properly liquidate client assets. SAL demands the highest standard of service levels from our vendors, thereforeguaranteeing the highest service level for our clients.

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